Sam will fight to help the most vulnerable Texans access life-saving health care through the expansion of Medicaid. Not only would people be insured, but this would keep rural hospitals open and alleviate emergency room waiting times at UMC and Covenant.

As the Hub City, we can’t support the medical needs of the entire region the way we have for eight years without this legislation. With so many people in House District 84 who would qualify for Medicaid, this gets more people insured immediately and give them the preventative care they need to live healthier lives. As someone who used Medicaid for herself and her family, she knows how vital this issue will be in the 87th Legislative Session. 


The Texas Legislature made some great gains last session to support public education for once, but with school consolidations happening right now in our district, Sam wants to make sure no more schools get left behind. No more empty lots like Parkway Elementary where her sisters attended. And while the pay raise teachers received this June is great, will it be enough to overcome the workload that comes with standardized testing to put students first? 


As the effects of climate change become more apparent on the South Plains, we need an unbiased voice at the table to support the transition from fossil fuels to green energy. We cannot turn our backs on the roughnecks that support our state’s economy, but we cannot pretend those jobs will survive these hard times.

As one of the few Democrats from the region, Sam will use science and logic to approach matters to do with the environment. And it’s not just oil we need be taking into consideration next session, but what’s happening with the Ogallala Aquifer and the air quality issues that exist on the East Side of Lubbock.  

Samantha Fields for Texas House 84